Retain 50% More After Studying

It’s every student’s dream to be able to listen to one lecture or read the book or his/her notes one time and retain everything. While it’s a rare few who are actually able to do such a thing, others are left to rely on brainhacks to keep their memory buff and in tip-top shape.

Today’s smart strategy gives you one brainhack that gets you 50% closer to your ability to remember information after one sitting. In 2011, a study revealed that students who took a test (or quizzed themselves) following a study/review session were able to recall 50% more information a week later than those that did not test themselves.

What does this mean for you? Testing is an effective study strategy.

How can you implement this strategy into your current study plan? Easy!

Set out to review a specific set of material for your study session. Be sure you’ve already planned what you’re going to study for the week and/or day. Then, there are three different ways you can incorporate testing into your study session.

  1. Pre-test: start off by testing yourself over the material prior to reviewing it.
  2. Post-test: end your study session with 25-50 questions.
  3. Next day test: before your study session the next day, test yourself on the material you reviewed the day before. Take a quick but short quiz (maybe 15-20 questions). This further instills the information in your memory.

While the study only used one test at the end of a review session to find that retention was boosted, one can imagine that testing yourself on all sides of a study session can improve retention even more.

You might wonder how you are supposed to test yourself. Where will you get your questions from? There are plenty of question banks, testing books, and other resources available online.

If you’re interested in learning more about several of the resources of available to you, I’ve reviewed nine different resources for nursing students in my eBook, “Smart Strategies for Nursing School: How to Study, Manage Your Time, and Still Have a Life.” You can pick up a copy at amazon to see for yourself how these nine different resources compare to one another.

Otherwise, you can do a simple google search to see what’s available. Either way, there is plenty out there for you to use to test yourself ¬†Testing is vital to being successful in nursing.

Happy testing,


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