Be successful and still have a life!

Nursing school can be a treacherous journey. You’ve heard the stories…
Spending long hours in the library with your head in a book. You don’t look up for hours. 

You’re so exhausted you barely have time to take care of yourself.

Social life? What is a social life?
Fun? What is fun?
How can one possibly enjoy nursing school when it’s so hard!? 

Clinicals are a beast!
You’ve got to do paperwork the night before. You’ll have to stay up into the wee hours preparing. Only to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to go to the hospital.

Exams wipe you out with one hit.
You prepare and prepare but nothing seems to ease the tension and anxiety. 

What if you fail!?
What if you don’t make it through the whole semester?
What if everyone is smarter than you?
What if you’re just not cut out for nursing school?
What if test anxiety eats you alive?

But  – what if you could go into your first semester confident?
What if you could feel on top of your studies from day one?
What if each test was exciting and an opportunity to test your knowledge? 
What if clinical paperwork were a breeze and taking care of your first patient a blast?
What if you could still hang out with friends and family while being a dedicated student?

Well, you can!
With the right smart strategies in place, you can set yourself up for a successful semester and still have a life!

You can feel confident going into the first semester knowing you’ve constructed the perfect support system; one you can lean on when you feel like taking a break from studies or spending time with friends. 
It’s the type of support system that keeps you sane all semester long and all throughout nursing school.
You can learn how to develop your very own support system in my new book “Smart Strategies for Nursing School: How to Study, Manage Your Time, and Still Have a Life.” 

Smart Strategies for Nursing School is the go-to guide for pre-nursing and current nursing students.

It’s a horrible feeling to enter your first semester of nursing school already underprepared and behind.

Administrators are throwing papers at you left and right.
Instructors are handing out syllabi and class schedules with 100s of pages of readings already due next week.
Don’t forget about preparing for your first clinical! 

Don’t start your first semester already in over your head.
Prepare in advance with these smart strategies.

In this book, you’ll learn… 
– The #1 question asked in nursing school 
– The most important influencer of success 
– How to manage your time like an ‘A’ student 
– How to study smart not hard 
– How to make your personal health a priority 


Using these five core smart strategies, you’ll go from struggling student to nursing student all-star. 
In addition to the detailed content provided in the book, you’ll receive access to downloadable resources to help you immediately implement these smart strategies. 

Some of these resources include: 
– A motivation toolbox to get you started and to help you stay focused 
– A weekly calendar for you to fill-in 
– A step-by-step guide on how to set up a computer file system specifically for nursing school 
– A study schedule document with an example so you can create your own 
– …And much, much more! 


Smart Strategies for Nursing School is your indispensable guide to studying like a pro, managing your time like a master, and maintaining a meaningful, passionate, and energetic life! 
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what you will learn from this wonderful ebook

Your Big Why

Learn the number one question teachers ask in nursing school. (Hint: it's a good prep question for interviews!)

Time Management

A strict schedule is the answer to freedom. Learn how to set up your calendar so you get the most out of your days.


Organization lends itself to the optimization of time. Get the tips you need to get and stay organized all semester.

Study Habits

Memorization is an effective study habit, right? Wrong! Find out the study habits of a successful student nurse.


Most people don't consider their mental health when entering nursing school, but applying a specific mindset can make all the difference.

Personal Care

Nursing school is hard, but you can learn to take care of yourself and have fun, too!


Here's what they're saying!

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

(Five Stars: *****) "This was a great, detailed (but short) read on making your way through nursing school. I started school this week and discovered this book last week. Although I just finished it today, it really is a quick read. It provides some tools and tricks, not just from the author, but from some of her fellow nursing students. The best part is that she included their viewpoints even when they didn't exactly match her own. I think it's a valuable resource for those of us just starting out. I haven't taken a look at the resources she links to yet, but if they are 1/2 as good as this book I'll be pleased. Her writing is colorful and descriptive and the author clearly took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into writing a study guide that is totally useful, makes perfect sense and encourages you on your journey."

Evan Carr

(Five Stars: *****) "This is an incredibly practical and accessible guide to not just surviving nursing school - but thriving. The strategies range from mental to practical and you can tell they all come experience. The author took great care in crafting this guide - you can tell because it is so easy and engaging to read. A must for all nursing school students!"

Evan Carr
Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

(Five Stars: *****) "This book is helpful in so many ways for so many people. Regardless of whether you are beginning a nursing program, in the latter half or contemplating going, this book is for you. It provides practical advice from someone who has been through it all. The book helps you evaluate your motivations for going to nursing school, and how prepared you are to begin. It doesn't shy away from the not so glorious difficulties one may encounter but offers hope that the end goal is achievable. The author provides an easy to understand support guide to take the edge off such a big but totally worth it career path."

Lola F.

(Five Stars: *****) "It has vital information needed to succeed in nursing school."

Lola F.


meet Paula, sneak peak strategies, and much more

About the Author

Author career and biography

Paula Jones is the founder of NextGen RN and a graduate of Baylor Universities Louise Herrington School of Nursing in December 2016. She became a registered nurse in January 2016 and started her nursing career in February 2016.

After receiving her first degree in Literary Studies, Paula decided to switch career paths. Over the past several years, she's had the opportunity to work as a home health aide, an A&P Supplemental Instruction Leader, and a medical assistant/aid. Now she works in the Acute Stroke Unit at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Personal motivations

She desires to provide nursing students with the opportunity to not only be successful as students and nurses but also to enjoy their lives in the process! She believes that nursing school may be challenging but it doesn't have to be excessively difficult, draining, or life-zapping. She knows that it's possible to manage your life (and your self!) in such a way that allows for nursing school to be an empowered and fulfilling addition to your life path.